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"As a new mother to a 6 month old, I was losing so much hair, including my lashes. I started using STARR beauty's lash conditioner as a part of my nightly routine and I can truly say thank god for this product because it has made a significant difference!"

-Kate W.

"STARR beauty's coconut rosewater is something I always carry with me! Whether I just got out of spin class or I am getting ready to go out for the night, It's my go-to for almost any occasion. Not only is it refreshing, it smells amazing, softens my skin and gives me a natural glow. I can even use it as a make up primer and setter. Love this product!

-Kristin C.

"STARR beauty's oil free lash conditioner is a MUST if you wear lash extensions! It keeps my natural lashes healthy, full and strong and doesn't have any ingredients that'll dissolve the bond of the adhesive or irritate your eyes like other lash growth products!"

-Jenn S.